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Table A
Table A
Table A
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Table A

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Table for Tension Rod A, B or C (Vertical use only). This table can be attached on the tension rod. It is very easy to install at the height you like and book or cup can be placed on the table at hand. The steal is mat finished to create the distinct texture.

* Indoor Use only
* For Tension Rod A, B, or C (Vertical use only)
*As natural wood is used, there are individual difference about the wood grain, knot, color and luster and so on.

Size: W(9.06 inch) H(1617 inch) D(11.02 inch)
Weight: (1.32 lb)
Max. Withstand Weight 1kg / 2.2 lb
Shelf Board: Plywood, Urethane Coating
Clasp: Steel / Epoxy Powder Coating
Resin Portion: EVA
Screw: Steel / Thin Coating