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Olivewood Nesting Bowl Set
Olivewood Nesting Bowl Set

Olivewood Nesting Bowl Set


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This 4-Piece Olive Wood Stacking Bowl Set is as Useful as it is Beautiful!

It takes up very little space to store, and its uses are many. If you cut up or measure your recipe's ingredients ahead of time, these are so useful for holding the smaller ingredients. And if you don't do that - you should think about trying it! It makes cooking so much more relaxing. (Or is it the wine that is so relaxing?) There are a dozen other uses, too. It's a good set to have. 

The patterned wood grain gives each dish a unique, original look and makes a great addition to any dinner table.

Each olive wood product is hand crafted and perfected by a skilled artisan who transforms a rough tree segment into a finished piece of art. Once Olive Wood is sanded and polished, the finished item is coated with olive oil and honeybees wax to give it a natural shine and ensure longevity.

  • Dimensions:
  • Largest bowl is 4.5" in diameter
  • Smallest bowl is 2" in diameter