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Amethyst Pendant Small
Amethyst Pendant Small

Amethyst Pendant Small


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A hand-selected amethyst crystal from Brazil has been set on a Gold Alloy Chain. Understand these are raw stones, each piece is unique, just like mother nature made them. No two will be alike. Chain may vary from style shown.

It is a 20 Inches Long Necklace with a 1.5 to 1 inches Amethyst Stone.

This necklace is carefully handmade in Brooklyn by a Brazilian native with a passion for natural stones from Brazil.

Amethyst is a great tool for providing calm, balance and peace. It assists in learning moderation of earthly desires while increasing ones spirituality. Amethyst is a crown chakra stone, and will increase intuition and the knowledge of interconnectedness.

To maintain the finish as long as possible, avoid prolonged exposure to water as well as harsh chemicals. The copper will oxidize and darken over time giving it a warm deep finish. This is natural and every oxidation is unique to the person who wears it and the environment in which they live. The copper grows with you. You can bring back the original sheen by gently rubbing it with a soft polish cloth. Greening may happen. It doesn't happen to everyone. I leave the metals raw to avoid causing any reactions to additional chemicals, but if you prefer the metal can be sealed with an aftermarket sealant.

A perfect meaningful gift for a mom, lover or friend. It is packed in a a black gift box with a ivory ribbon.