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Glass Pot
Glass Pot

Glass Pot


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A transparent body of dense, borosilicate glass demystifies the culinary magic happening inside the pot, turning dinner prep into a spectacle worth savoring. When tempered, glass becomes flame-proof and is able to withstand high temperatures. Boiling water brings ingredients to life: as pasta transforms from raw to al dente, it begins to twirl and dance. Each pot is handmade in Italy and only 10 are made each day, making your pot a truly one-of-a-kind design.

Besides being elegant and durable, glass is also non-porous and will not impart the food prepared with the flavors of past meals. Dishwasher-safe. 8 quart capacity.

Special care for glass cookware: Do not preheat burner. Initially, heat on low and use up to medium-high heat. The Glass Pot retains heat at higher volume so a lower setting is needed for cooking. Do not add cold liquid to a hot glass pot. Allow the pot to come to room temperature before washing to avoid rapid temperature change. For gas stoves, use a wire mesh flame spreader to aid in even heat distribution

  • Materials : Borosilicate Glass - Steel Handles

  •  Capacity 9,5 Litres - Suitable For Gas Hob, Ceramic Hob And Grills - No Induction - Dishwash Allowed With Low Temperatures

  • Dimension: Ø24 H.20, Weight (KG) : 2.5